Animal Liberation Currents welcomes submission inquires (please keep pitches to about 250 words). We publish all manner of arts and letters on topics of material interest to left animal liberation politics and activism. We expect contributors to uphold the strongest commitments to animal liberation and social justice.

Feature articles — long-form journalism, investigative projects and analytical work — should generally be between 3 – 4,000 words. We will accept unsolicited op-ed submissions. We will not assign stories where writers have personal and/ or pecuniary interests; for opinion writing, all such interests must be disclosed.

Photography, graphic illustration and artwork portfolios may be submitted on inquiry.

Comments and feedback on articles in Animal Liberation Currents, where available, are moderated. They are subject to editorial discretion and may be edited for clarity and length.

Communique is a free listing space for international events, campaigns and gatherings of note. Due to space limitations, we cannot guarantee placement.