In the wake of the passing of Tom Regan, we take a closer look at his contributions to the philosophical debate over the liberation of animals and what it means politically for the movement.

Animal Liberation Currents in conversation with Mylan Engel Jr., Tanya Loughead and Vasile Stanescu

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  1. With respect to Philosophy to Politics: Assessing the Work of Tom Regan conversation, I write to correct an attribution made by Mylan Engel that I am responsible for ending fox and other hunting (‘bloodsports’) in Britain. This is not true. The passage of the Hunting Act 2004 in Britain’s Parliament was the responsibility of a multi-generational campaign waged by many individuals and organisations utilising a variety of means. I played a relatively small part in it as a vegan animal rights activist. Just to note: The Hunting Act prohibits the killing of animals by a pack of dogs. The law is far from perfect. It needs strengthening and defending from periodic calls for its repeal. Mylan also refers to The Animals’ Platform. This is a project I discuss in my book, Growl (Lantern Books). Also in Growl, I discuss animal rights from a class perspective as someone who was born to a working class family in England in the 1950s. I also discuss working in a chicken slaughterhouse when I was a student. Thank you for publishing a thoughtful and informative discussion.

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