In this interview, we speak with the legal defence team of Gary Grill and James Silver, who represented Anita Krajnc in her criminal trial for giving water to pigs in a truck outside of a Toronto-area slaughterhouse in 2015. The case has had widespread international attention. While the outcome of the trial happily spared a conviction for Anita, any potentially positive impact for animals in Canadian law was dismissed in the decision. Contrary to the claims of many activists, the case did not put the “industry on trial” or result in a “victory for animals”.

We asked Gary and James about the substance of the charges, the legal strategies and the lines of arguments made in the trial defence, the outcome of the case, the impact on activists and what this means for animal law in Canada. They were unusually forthright in their analysis of the case and their outlook on future interactions between activists and the law should be considered carefully.


The “Lucy” case referenced in the discussion can be found here:

Reece v. Edmonton (City), 2011 ABCA 238

Banner Image: Toronto Pig Save trial solidarity vigil, August 2016. Photo: Agnes Ceske

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