Latte by Sara Sechi

Sara Sechi, Latte


‘Latte’ wants to represent the absurd situation we have created in regards to milk. As adult humans we can easily access as much cow’s milk as we wish for, for frivolous things like a coffee on the go or a slice of pizza, while the calves that milk was naturally intended for are not allowed to drink it. The device the baby cow is depicted with is called ‘weaning ring’, designed to make it impossible for the calf to nurse from his or her mother, while at the same time stinging the cow’s udders and inducing her to move away. It is used as an alternative to separation and confinement of the baby, or to prevent the herd’s females from suckling from each other as a response for being deprived of that fundamental part of their natural development so prematurely. The number 268 is a reference to the famous young bull 269, who was rescued days before slaughter in Israel, and it’s a tribute to all those who unfortunately were or will not be saved.

Sara Sechi is a vegan artist who is passionate about animal rights and ethical, sustainable living. Sara studied Fine Art and Design in Italy and now lives in London, UK. She’s been vegan for nearly 6 years and since 2016 she uses art to raise awareness about the conflicting relationship between humans and animals. Working mostly in digital and at times with traditional¬†mediums, her art varies in moods, going from depicting sweet farm and pet animals together in ‘Find the Difference’ to more dark and challenging scenes like ‘Meat is Murder’. Sara is part of the vegan artists collective Art of Compassion Project, takes part in vegan art exhibitions and festivals around the world and when she’s not drawing she does activism on the streets with local animal rights groups.