Dreamer by Danny Bilsborough

Danny Bilsborough, Dreamer, 24″ x 36″, Acrylic on canvas

I hope that this piece can bring a small vegan message into the homes of those that have not yet made the connection. Animals are tagged and branded for a reason, they are property, they have a purpose, a dark purpose that nobody really wants to think about. I wanted to replace their numbers with a compassionate thought, I hope that people might make the connection that these cows should not be oppressed or exploited, they should be loved and it is love in the end that will free them.

Danny Bilsborough

I am a self-taught artist in Nova Scotia, Canada with an affinity for animals, I believe all animals big and small have an appreciation for life and a right to live it.

I started my journey with painting in January 2015 after a colorful but brief part time career in the field of face and body art I decided to try my hand on canvas and I have been painting ever since.

My main focus for my art is using bright and vibrant colors to bring animals to life on canvas, I know that all animals have their own unique and colorful personalities and I love to bring it out and displaying it for all to see.
I offer a wide range of prints and original art as well as other household accessories through my website and my Etsy shop.