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The world is sick of a broken civilization. What impersonates it, cannot hold any longer. From historic, abject decay in these early years of the 21st century, revolt is pent up and it is angry. We want not of more hellish cruelty, but to thrive on what can be made of the good. We must dig deeper, harness the more profound.

An animal in agony is inhumanity. And they are everywhere: blood soaked into the constitution of all that oppresses. We are here because the cries that come from them are ones that necessarily belong, instead, to us. Will we offer the act of justice?

We are here for animal liberationists who are committed to radical change. We are here for those who reject the brutalities of capitalism, speciesism and the life they lay waste to. We are here for those who have had well enough of both the empty pretensions of the animal rights movement and the all too casual savageries of the left. We will have none of it.

We are not here to be nice. You can be sure we are not going to be a docile phantasm of criticism. We are ready for the fight. Neither are we giving in to cynicism, pessimism, apathy or empty reaction. We are too alive for that. There is much work to be done.

We have you in mind. If you possess nothing less than a seething contempt of injustice, a passion for creating a world truly worth living, then we want you: we want you to work with, to struggle with and to forge the new with.

We are committed to a revolutionary media project that has been found nowhere else. Not ever.

We invite you to help us to our feet. Help keep us strong!